How does The Evolution use its finances?

The Evolution’s finances support the vision and mission of our church. This extends to operational and building needs.

Operational needs include running weekend services, paying the salaries of staff, and organising programmes for members. Building needs include rental and maintenance of facilities.

Additionally, we maintain a welfare fund for underprivileged youth members. Occasionally, we use our finances to support local community and overseas mission work.

How does The Evolution meet its financial needs?

The Evolution is funded by the members of the Church through voluntary tithes, offerings and other freewill offerings.

Our teaching of giving is biblical and identical to the teaching of most Christian churches across many denominations around the world. Furthermore, all Christian churches, as with all charities, receive and rely on financial offerings to function effectively.

The Bible teaches that giving should be without compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:7). As such, The Evolution does not require members to give tithes or offerings. We leave this voluntary decision to their personal convictions.

How is the transparency of financial activities maintained?

Religious organisations in Singapore are governed by legislation such as the Charities Act (Cap 37) and the Societies Act (Cap 311) as well as relevant Codes such as the Code of Governance for Charities.

The Evolution is audited by Robert Yam & Co Pac, and files Annual Returns and Audited Financial Statements with the Commissioner of Charities and the Registry of Societies. These reports are available to the public via the Charity Portal.

Above and beyond the regulatory requirements of presenting the Audited Financial Statements at the Annual General Meeting, our finances are also presented at a yearly meeting. This meeting is open not just to official members of The Evolution, but attendees as well.

What is the Renovation-Rental Fund for?

The Rental-Renovation Fund finances activities related to The Evolution’s premise, including but not limited to the lease, maintenance, renovation and purchase of equipment for use in our premise.

The Rental-Renovation Fund is funded by the members through voluntary offerings. We implement a limit on the giving the church receives from younger members to the Rental-Renovation Fund.

Are my tithes, offerings or donations tax deductible?

We are a religious organization and therefore like all other religious organization in Singapore, we do not qualify to register as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC). Guidelines for IPC status can be found here.

As such, all tithes, offerings and donations made to The Evolution are not tax deductible.

Who are The Evolution’s professional advisors?